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Our Labs

Riverchase Alexander Pooh Bear    Born: 12/09/2006

AKC English Labrador, Championship Bloodlines, Yellow and nice full coat. Nice broad head, otter tail. He has been OFA certified. He is a proud Papa of his first litter of puppies. He is very sweet and loves everyone he comes in contact with. We are proud to have him.

Sad news for our Pooh Bear. He has crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with Freeway and Savannah on September 10, 2020. He lived a beautiful life and loved everyone for 14 years. He has created a hole in our hearts and could never be replaced. Since his passing, his two sons, Denver and Kohl, are his and Savannah’s legacies and they are just like their mom and dad.
Riverchase Savannah at Hidden Acres    Born: 01/07/2010

AKC Black English Labrador female. Championship Bloodlines. Personality Plus and total water dog. If there is a bucket of water around, no matter how small, she tries to fit in it. Our hope is she will be our future dam for gorgeous English pups out of our Alex.

She did eventually have a beautiful litter of pups out of Alex but to our sadness she didn't make it to raise them. She is now with Freeway and we're sure she is playing in the water and chasing balls with him. Meanwhile we kept two of her boys, Denver and Khol, both look like their dad and mom with the same traits they had.
Freeway    Born: 15 years ago

We found Freeway on the side of Hwy 20 in a bad curve on Superbowl Sunday 13 years ago and no one ever claimed him. Soooo, we gave him a home and love ever since. He's old now, but still loves us like he did that first day when he jumped into the back of our truck and came home with us.
Freeway has now gone home to a bigger lake with plenty of tennis balls and energy to chase them. He lived to a ripe old age of 16. We miss him terribly.
Kohl and Denver    Born: 02/06/2013

Alex and Savannah's sons. Born in February of 2013 and bottle fed, they must've been in the womb side by side because they are always side by side whether they are sleeping or getting into mischief.